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July 28, 1943.

My Dear Son:

I hope you are feeling well. Joey received your lovely letter and he was glad to hear from you.

Harry’s mother- sister went to Chicago last Friday to visit harry, as it was visiting day. They came back Monday evening. There are a lot of boys from Youngstown there. Harry was sure glad to see his mother. Harry’s mother said Harry got much taller. I heard “Eddie” is on a furlough but I did not see him. I would like to see him. The boys in the navy get a furlough after six weeks. I can’t wait till I see you.

Joe Zojac’s mother is very sick. She took a heart attack, she was trying to get Joe, home through the Red Cross, but I do no know if he is coming. She is expecting him as she is very ill. I went over to see her the other day and it broke my heart to see her lay there. She has noone, only Joe and he is so far away. I hope she gets well soon.

Uncle Joe came back from his vacation, he said he had a nice time.

Ralph, Papa bought a new “Radio” and is it ever a “peach”. It is a Crosby, it is swell and what a difference from the old one.

Well I think this will be all.

Love from all,


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