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July 28, 1938.

Dearest –

I received your letter this morning and was anxious to hear from you. I’m sorry it was so warm in the 5 + 10 when you were working. It was real cool here, of course, or account of it raining. It never did stop until this morning and now it’s so cold. I keep wrapped up all the time. They have a fireplace in the living room and they keep fire in that all the time. It’s nice here and I’m enjoying it so much more than I thought I would. Everyone is grand to me. I kid Mr. Peters about looking like Will Rogers. I even call him Will.

Yesterday Madalyn took me to the next town to see her best friends – the Heaths. And are they ever swell. They are young and have one little boy five years old. Jack, the fellow, is an undertaker and they just built a new place. They combined the undertaking establishment with their home. It was finished just this fall and is it ever wonderful. When you come up we’re going over to their place. I’ll bet you’ll get the shock of your life when you see their living quarters. You know, for just such a small place! And Virginia is a scream. We sang the whole time she was making supper.

I’ve got to hurry we are going up to Mt. Lake Park near Duncansville to see Bernie Murphy’s sister. She and her husband have the park.

I sent a lot of cards – not a lot — 5. I decided that would be better than writing letters. I really don’t have much time to write. Some one is always talking to me or taking me some place. I think you’ll like it. It’s kind of a rundown county like Sproul on account of its brick plate and coal running country. But it’s nice my way for a vacation.

Do you miss me much? I talk about you so much that it seems you’ll come popping around the corner any time.

I always say “wowa” for you at night. I’d enjoy it so much worse if you were here. You know that don’t you?

And, Sweetheart, I haven’t taken any Nerine since I’m here and my nerves aren’t bad and my face is clearing up. I’ve taken the pulls, tho! But I’m feeling fine. Hope you don’t work to hard, honey.

Will close or they’ll go without me.

All my love to you, Darling


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