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July 20, 1924.

Dear Papa and Mama:

We see and do so much that it is hard to know where to begin when writing. Friday we had a wonderful day in the Trossachs -- one of the finest there has been this season, the guide said. You know it almost always rains there but that day we only had two brief showers and neither inconvenienced us at all. That day we used about every mode of travel -- tramway to the station -- train to [unreadable] -- to Lake Katrine, boat on Lake Katrine, there best of all a high coach with red coated coachmen to drive the four horses. That took us to Lake Lomond, there train back to Glasgow. The trip to Aur and Alloway on Thursday was fine too -- 67 miles each way by motor bus. Yesterday we had the long trip from Glasgow to London. The only new experience in that was going in an English Dining car. They resemble closely a Pullman with a different roof -- no place for an upper berth. But the tables are small such as are used in first in a Pullman. The meal was splendid tho, a four course luncheon for about 80 cents we reckoned it. Our cars for elegance and comfort are way ahead of the English ones but we always have 2 and one half compartments reserved for our party so we are comfortable as any one can be. Our hotels are very nice, and the Temple people do everything to please one. Here at London they furnish us with a list of all sorts of places which give a 5% discount to Temple Tourists on presentation of their membership certificate. Mr. Plimpton goes to all sorts of trouble to look up any place any one wants to know about. He has located the Moravian headquarters for Harry and they turn out to be not far from here.

This morning we went just to see the Horse Guard changed at Whitehall. That was on our way to the service at Westminster Abbey but we found it so crowded not even squeeze in so we took a bus to St. Pauls.

We managed to get in there but could hear only the music -- then after a time we left and walked around by St. Mary’s of the Bru. We slipped in there. Though it is one of the show places in London, there were only fifteen people attending service there. Quite homelike Harry thought. We walked on past the Bank of England to London Bridge. Here Arthur was delighted to recognize one of the places he recently read about in Oliver Twist. I forgot to say our trip to Westminster we saw the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. This afternoon we went out to Kew Gardens. I must get some laundry ready to send here and soon put Arthur to bed. We are here till Thursday morning -- then go on to our 3 day moto trip leaving for Holland Saturday night. We were so glad to find letters here from you when we came. I don’t see why Harry’s and my birthday presents did not get there on time.

With love,


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