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July 16, 1918.

Dear Daniel,

Your letter + Mother resined. She is writing you and I saw Hutchinson of the local Board and he said it would be all right for you to be examined by the local board at Bloomington and you need not get any special authority to do so.

I think you are acting nicely to remain at your school work to finish and until you are called up in your regular order if you cannot graduate sooner.

Your graduation is of more importance than getting into special work and as you are likely to be able to get now you will be able to get your classification after you are in the service and probably your formations would [unreadable]

I think you could if you enter the service as a formation [unreadable]

If the war last long enough, and I think it will, [unreadable] over ability and integrity will have a chance to come to the front no matter where they

Will write you more soon,


Lane Osborn

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