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July 26, 1918.

Dear Dan:

I wont have to wish long now for it soon will be time o pack again. You prob-able know that the EK's have leased a house just one block ^ north from the I.U. Library, a frame, and the owner is putting a great deal of repairs on it. We are all enthusiastic over next semester's outlook + everyone of us are busy planning new things for our "new home".

"Mike" has "went and joined "the marines is in Paris Island. "Mogie" + he had contemplated a visit here in August but he + Mr. Krausce of his ^ home town joined at Indianapolis. His decision must have been made very suddenly for just a few days ago he wrote us a letter + was making preparations for I.U. this fall. I supposed Mogie will go now for he has been considering it all the summer. Here's to their good luck + health. I wish Dan that could find out for me on just what date school begins. Don't inconvenience yourself but you maybe can find out from one of your professors + we will both be very much obliged.

Men by the fifty coaches are pouring in + out of of Camp Taylor each day. It is truly a wonderful camp, just a miniature city and so well direct.

Well I hope by the time you are well on your way with the thesis and are ready to enter the service of our country when the call comes. The picture is find of you and I appreciate it especially since it is the one I have.

Your friend,


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