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Dear Louise

I am enclosing a check for 50.00 which you much need by this time. Daniel left at 2pm yesterday for Tucson, Arz. Will get there Friday morning about 430 am. He seemed cheerful but I fear he has been loosing strength. You should write him occasionally to keep him cheered up.

Don't neglect your health and it is easy to fail to have the proper and necessary food. If you would make a business I drink a pint of milk each day you would soon learn to like it.

Milk contains all of the elements for keeping up the body. I don't care if you don't like milk, you can learn to like it and I think it is your duty to cultivate the habit. Many students brake down just as they finish school and it is generally due to the lack of proper nourishment.

Milk is so easy to get as an extra food, and could be gotten in any lunch stand between meals and [unreadable] nit netter expense when does expenses amount to it you can come out of college in good physical condition and able to do something you [unreadable].

Lane B. Osborn

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