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July 15, 1924.

Dear Grandpa and Grandma:

We are writing in the Grand Hotel in Glasgow. I will continue with the history of our journey. All around we had a pleasant sail. Tuesday we fell ill. We had a disease and it was called sea-sickness. The Dorie plunged up and down and the woodwork groaned and creaked. It was the worst storm of the season. Mr. George L. Plimpton’s and Mr. Theodore’s Plimpton’s port hole was smashed giving the occupants a bath. Wednesday shoed no improvement until evening but when we are for the first time and had from it no ill effects. Thursday we “got up”. That phrase reminded me of a story that runs something like this: “A young boy was writing in a school room in an essay that a certain character got up in the morning and went to bed at night. Being told by his teacher that saying the man rose in the morning would be better expressed the youthful write wrote: ‘I rise in the morning and set at night.’ Well we felt a little shaky but stood bravely on deck until we arrived at Liverpool. After having our visas and passports accepted we went on shore where our baggage was permitted to land much to our delight. We drove to the Exchange Station Hotel. We had a fine stay at that lovely hotel. In the morning at 7:55 we left for Furness Abbey on an English train. They are compartments each having a door. They are rather nice. At Furness Abbey we had an impressive view and were taken through the abbey. After lunch at the Furness Abbey Hotel we took a train to Ulsteron. At Ulsteron we took a boat and had a nice sail on Lake Windmere. At Bowness we took a motor sightseeing car. We saw the marvelous English Lake Region and the beautiful mountains. We saw where Wordsworth sat and composed poetry and his home. After staying at the crown hotel we slept in the bed Edward VII slept in when he visited Pernith as Prince of Wales. In the morning we took a train for Mehose. I got a picture of the Abbey and in the afternoon we went to Sir Walter Scott’s home in Abbotsford. We saw many of his relics. Then we took a train to Edinburgh. We were at the Royal Hotel. It was the nicest hotel of the lot. We saw Holyrood Palace and relics of Mary Queen of Scots. In the afternoon we saw Edinburgh castle. Then we took a train for Glasgow. Here we are, I remain.

With very much love, Arthur F. Stocker

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