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July 13, 1938.

Dear Nelda + Kaye :

I know you had a wonderful time visiting in Virginia and seeing a lot of your old friends – and how were all Lloyd’s family I often think of him.

The old house sure seemed empty after you left we all missed you, so as I told you before so many times when you get a yearning for the mountains you know where I live.

Nelda is your folks coming to Sproul soon. I wish you would have your Mother as well as all the rest call on me gee I would love to have them or they could run up here (you know the way now no excuse) I know they go to Sproul quite often and we are such a short distance.

We are planning on taking Tom back to school around August 11th I will know more definitely when I hear from him.(Mr + Mrs Peters Charles and I) and if it will suit you all we may run on down to York for a day or so your Mother said we could stay with her at night so I hope it will be all right with all of you. You know me I can be hung on a hook any where.

Mrs Peters received your card she said you now her not much on writing but she hoped she would be seeing you soon they all liked you very much as well as Kaye.

As for Wolfie they all liked him also as you know - and for me — They want to see him when they come down. I wrote him a letter today also.

Nelda I brought Kaye’s pen up home here and put it away I will bring it with me when I come down if he needs it before, I will mail it to you. You can let me know.

Gee we are having wonderful weather up here.

I do hope you are feeling fine – remember me to all. And once again (I miss you)



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