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July 1, 1939.

Dearest Kaye,

I’m writing a few lines today to let you know I am feeling much better. I’ve been thinking a lot about you all and will be so anxious to see you. Please over look the writing as I’m still a little nervous but I know you’ve been reading this terrible writing for so long that you will understand exactly what is meant to be expressed. If I understand the letter I got from you you will be here Sunday. I’m so anxious to see you. I’ve repeated what I’ve already said but you see to begin with I’m supposed to write a long letter and I do want to see you all as soon as possible; so naturally that is what is uppermost in my mind. It seems I haven’t written to you for a long time but hope that you forgive me because I’m sure you understand. I’ve been resting a lot and feel much much better and hope that you will see as much improvement in me when you see me as I feel in myself.

Today I had melon for desert and it certainly was delicious. I’ve had it here before but enjoyed it more today than any other time.

This letter probably sounds egotistical but you understand that, too, Darling, don’t you. Write as often as you can – I realize you must be worrying as hard or harder than ever and am so anxious for word from home. I’ll close this letter and hope I haven’t written too long a letter. Pray for me – I know you always do, Darling and Kaye, dear, the Lord has been very near me and hs helped me so much. I will just close.

I didn’t want to write on the back because I don’t know what they here at the hospital consider a long letter. After all, you and I had written small volumes to each other as letters.

But I must close. Everyone here at the Hospital is being very nice to me. But I’m naturally anxious know when I’m going to come home.

Tell all our friends hello and I’ll write to Daddy and Mother as soon as I may write again. I won’t promise them a letter as long as this but I’m ashamed of not having written more often. But you understand that too, I know.

All my love –

Your Nonie

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