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January 6, 1936.

Dearest Wife,

Got your loving letter Frid and was really glad but I entended to answer it before now but found out i didn’t have any stamps so I had to wait till I went to the post office so you may leave before this one gets there.

We sure have had some bad weather here and I hope if you got to go home it has faired up a lot there for I am afraid you will be full of cold when you get back any way for honey I still worry about you as bad as ever for I sure don’t want you to get sick.

I am feeling O.K. at present but have been awful lonesome for I have not been to a show or out any when since I have been back up hun in fact I have been broke. And besides I am trying to save all I can I had to barry a couple of dollars Friday to pay my rent this week for I have not got any pay since i have been back up here only what I had coming to me whenI left. Darling it will be next Friday before I can send you any more money so you had better wait till you get it before you come guess it will throw you a week late but we can stand it that long mabe it looks like we have about three weeks in sight now to work but honest I am afraid they will quit for they lost about fifteen hundred dollars last week on panels coming apart if that keeps up I am sure they can’t stand it long.

If I can keep getting to work steady I am sure we can do fine and be happy and I sure hope we can for we could but stay here long unless I do I want us to be together from now on and mabe if we can have the good luck to come our way once in a while.

Dear I’ll send you some more money so you will get it Sat if possible so don’t worry and be sweet little girl for I am getting anxious to have some one to look after me and can be loved and have some none to love without having to wait two or three months at a time.

I’ll close dear looking for a letter from you soon and (you) before long.

Your darling husband could use a sweet kiss from your sweet lips now if one could get a shave. So good bye Dear, your loving sweet


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