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January 11th, 1946.

[…] Portsmouth,  England.


Dear Harry, 

You darling– yes– I received that wonderful package this morning– and that locket is really magnificent– thanks a million– it’s beautiful dear– I shall treasure it to no end!– (and it goes superbly with my new black sweater_ I could kiss you but 3,000 is a heck of a way! The stockings are exquisite – I’m almost afraid to wear them– but I’m going to treasure the nylons as long as I can possibly do so! 

Incidentally Harry Boy– long time no hear! Why don’t you be a good boy and write to me sometimes?! You know I’d appreciate it to no end. 

I see the G.I. brides are at last getting their deserved break– the first lot start to sail on the 21st I believe– good luck to them all. 

Are you working yet? Or hasn’t any thing suitable cropped up yet? 

Received a very lovely letter from Lillian today– you know you are very lucky to have such a sincere sister–she must be awfully nice! 

How did you enjoy your xmas – old boy? Did you get sozzled? I bet!

Jeanne– by the way had a letter from Butch– and on from Bill– remember! Two of the gang!! Bill is now a civvy in good old Phila– lucky boy!

I’ve just finished nursing the family back to health– Moms and my brother have just had  a dose of ‘flue– it seems to be doing a pretty good job as an epidemic– so far I’ve kept free- I hope! 

Isn’t it a shame about dear little Alan’s feet– I do so hope they will soon be better– I hate to keep asking– but did the pictures of Alan lying on his tummy turn out?– and the ones of yourself?– you never did mention them any more!! (I don’t mean the ones of you on your tummy)  

Did you hang up your xmas stocking? I did, and to my disgust I found a teething ring in it next day– just because I’m having trouble with wisdom teeth! The cads!! What a time I had– on waking up, as usual I dashed across to the mirror, and had one heck of a shock– taking advantage of my being a heavy sleeper– the family had blacked my face with soot– with many etceteras–what a crowd they are!! 

The weather is really stinking– endless gale and torrents of rain for 3 days now– I wonder what the suns been doing with itself– I shall most certainly be glad to see it again! 

Connie and Jeanne wish to be remembered to you and say “hello”– they’ve gone to a big dance in Town and will be staying with me when they finally arrive home. I guess they’ll crawl home around two– and wake me up– spoiling my beauty sleep– which Heaven alone knows I need!! 

Well old sport – I must write to Lillian now– so chin-chin for the present and do drop me a few lines sometime– it seems like years since I’ve heard from you– promise me you’ll buck up!! 

Take care


All my love


P.S. Once again– many many thanks for the charming little locket– and the flower I wear in my hair!!! (S)

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