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February 8, 1932.

Dear Cicely,

Thank you so much for your very nice letter which I received a few days ago. I had been wondering who the new boyfriend was. Yes I remember you telling me - that is in your letter - about going to a dance in Bushwick with him. Its rather a coincidence that his name should be the same as yours. Perhaps you will be running with him some of these days. It’s funny - my mother’s maiden name was McElhome. Well I hope for your own sake that you be good friends for when you leave school or college you haven’t the same number of chums, and its good to have a few real pals.

I wish I lived near you or that you lived near me, for I haven't met anyone yet, who would mean just the same to me. You’re the kind, Cis, whom I should like to dance with, hike with, play tennis with; in fact just go through life with, without anything to trouble or worry about. But I suppose I would be too much of an optimist if I thought life was just going to be such a bed of roses as all that.

About getting over in May, Cis, I am afraid I cannot quite give you a definite answer just yet. You see our parish is having a big bazaar in May and I’m almost certain to get a job in connection with it. It all depends then on whether the date of the Bazaar and the Inter College Shoots will clash or not. I shall be able to tell you more definitely I hope at an early date.

I understand, Cis, that the real Irish Shamrock doesn’t grow outside Ireland. I must find out definitely on that point too if I can. I won’t forget to send you some Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day anyway. I’ll send you some shamrock root too, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t grow.

Well, Cis, I am afraid that my stock of information is about exhausted for this time, so I won’t bore you any further. With fondest love and hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain, dear Cicely, yours very affectionately,



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