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February 6, 1943.

Hello Dear

Here I am again. It rained all nite and a little this morning but is starting to get nice now, a light breeze is blowing and the sun is trying to come out. I received three letters today one from you, one from Mom, and Berta, You asked in your letter if I wanted my shorts, you can keep them for me until I come home again, because I can turn them in and get another pair for them, and I am supposed to have three pairs of G.I shorts even if I don’t wear them, because some times they have clothes check and you have to have them. We are getting batter now but it is not yellow it is Oleo-margarine and is white, but that is better than nothing. You were saying that you write every day but Saturday, well write anyway, maybe you have some thing to tell me and might forget it in one day, because the mail don’t get here regular anyway so mail Saturday’s and Sundays together, I sometimes get two letters together anyway, so write then that will make sure I get one every day.

The days I don’t get any I always reach in my back pocket and get out one of the letters and read it. I keep them in my back pocket. I have every one in there since I came to S.B. Wouldn’t you trade my letter a day for just a little piece every day, or don’t you like it any more.

What is the other dream you have once in a while that you wake up frightened. It isn’t so bad I hope, or is it. Well that was the end of your letter so I guess I will have to start thinking now, first of all the work problem. This morning I got an early start, at 7:10 I started to mop the orderly room with another fellow, ew were done at 8:25 and missed going out on any other detail, now don’t get me wrong that wasn’t punishment, it was just detail. So when we got done and we came back to the barracks and fucked off the rest of the time until the rest of the boys got done their work. They were working on the new phase again. I finished ignition last nite and will start carburation when I go to school tonite, you know the time really goes fast here. It only seems like I have only been in Spartan Barracks about 3 days. Boy I really like to see the days roll around, the quicker the better suits me. Business is really falling off we only get one new fellow in today, altogether we only have 21 inmates, there are plenty of empty spaces, so you ought to go over the hill and come down you could sleep right next to me, but I’ll bet you wouldn’t stay in your bed, long enough to muss it up. Sargent Kenrick is away on his furlough, so he didn’t have to go over the hill anyway, but one of the Corporal’s that couldn’t get his signed went and was gone one day, and they picked him up in Wilson drunk and brought him back and slap his ass in the Guard House. Since the sergeant has gone they are pretty tough on us. He really is a good sport. Well the end of the page. So long lots of love and kisses for you.

Your Bad Boy & Junior (he is half hard now)


(I will pet him once for you.)

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