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February 6, 1943.

Dear Mom, 

I’ll bet you were surprised to hear from me by phone today?If i was seen who knows they have put me in the guard hour but who cares when I get the chance I take it less than five minutes and you were on the phone instead of how like on Sunday. 

About this O.C.S. today 6 fellows from the Training Battery when before the 15th Bgd. [unclear] as you know I was one. She asked all types of questions. When they ask me if I thought I was ready to go I told them frankly that I thought I didn’t quite know enough about the Field Artillery yet and was told they would call me again in three month. I didn’t think I could have passed yet and I wouldn’t want to go and fail. 

If in three months they should take me I would go to Fort Sills in Oklahoma and then get the last training and probably that barbed wire you saw in the movies. Tell them I will stay hard. Any way it was nice to know I was considered and that my I.Q. is there. 

There is a dance here at the Service Club tonight, no W.A.A.C.s just girls from North Carolina. After writing will go down and dance a little.

Tomorrow we have an inspection in the parade ground. Tent, equipment etc. So we had to clean our bunk before coming over here tonight. I took the candy over with me and the boy thanks Ele for it (I keeped some for myself don’t worry.) 

You should see the way they have the Club fixed up with crepe paper, red yellow blue green all color. 

Enclosed is the clipping from the Fayettesville Observer an over review [unclear]. (The general did not smile)!!

Well down stairs we go.

Lots of love,  Bill

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