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February 5, 1943.

Dear Mom,

Today the sergent called Walter and my name out to go for O.C.S. interview. Only solider with I.Q.’s over are called for the interview. I didn’t think we have a chance to get in as yet but it’s nice to know they are thinking about seeing if we would qualify. As you know O.C.S. stands for Officers Cadet School. If in the future we should be chosen to go (I don’t think we gave any chance now) we should go. We would go to Fort Sills for three months of hard work that only the best pass. So you see all the things we may like to go we probably would refuse. Any way its nice to know you were considered.

I received a post card from Jessie Golden today so she knows in the army and say the war will be over soon as a result.

Today we were shown how to write and send message by pigeon. Will send you one soon (By Mail)

Walter, Ed, Har and I are thinking about going to Durham, N.C. some weekend to see Duke College and Chesterfield. We write about it when I do.

It rained a little today from 4:45. How’s the snow melted yet or has more come down.

Did Dad get the “nut” I sent I thought he’d like it.

It looks like we’ll get 45’ve soon as that the weapons well carry.

We going over to the Main Post tonight a war hero will be there to tell all about it. So off we go.

“Praise the Lord and Pass my Comission” (Get It)

Lots if Love,


P.S. “None” But Love

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