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February 23, 1943.

Hello Dear

Another lovely day, it is just like summer here, I went on detail this morning over to the fish chapel, when we got there the Chaplin said boys you will have to wait a little while, I have a wedding for 8:30, and you can either wait outside until it is over or else you can come inside and attend, it if you want to. We thought it was best to go inside, just in case the Captain from S.B. rode past he wouldn’t see us bumming around outside. Well it was really funny to me, I don’t know about some of the other fellows they knelt down when he blessed the marriage, at first he said all the words that the Gum-boot said to Frank & Kay then he took a drink and gave them each a drink first of all he blessed the drinks in Latin then they drank them, then he went on bubbling in Latin and ringing bells and kneeling down and kissing the holy Book and blessing himself you know how this went on for about an hour, then he finally got up and the bride and groom got up, and he said the Hold Father has except your Holy Matrimonial and blessed it, then it was over that was 10:10 so then we started our cleaning.

What do you think of my description of the marriage. I am writing after one o’clock today because we ate dinner at 12:00 noon today. We have a lot of new recruits in and they are using our regular mess halls because they are guaranteed, we have to walk from one end of the camp to the other to eat. I was the only one on detail in the barracks today, four of them are damn sick and one is the in hospital, they had a little party yesterday, afternoon with a quart of rubbing alcohol and using cherry juice for a chaser, they wound up by killing the whole quart, it is a god damn wonder they are not all dead, but they are really sick. I started an airplane engine for the first time in my life last nite and never made one mistake, that comes from reading teach. Orders weeks ahead of time. I really like test blocks so I am going to try to become an instructor, with all that I have in my, they have Allision engines there they are almost like an automobile engine, and I understand them a hell of a lot better than Radial engines, so wish me luck. I had about 1 ½ hours sleep last nite, from the lotion boys raising so much hell, so I am going to bed early today. Til I write tomorrow I still love you as much and would like to be with you now.

Your love Husband


The pen is acting up, as I guess you see.

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