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February 1st, 1946.

[…] Portsmouth, England. 

Harry Dearest, 

Hello again– hope you and your family are O.K.– quite some time since I heard from you– but– I won’t get into it that, I was determined not to write until I heard from you– seeing as how you owe me two or more letters! 

But– as you can see I just had to write – cause this afternoon the post-man surprised me with a package from you– and it contained my favorite past-time = sweets! – (but I think you people it candy– or something!!!) My that was very sweet of you– and I thought of you as I was eating them– because I had already had my ¾ lbs for this month and was praying like fury for the next ration when– like a bolt out of the blue the jolly old post-boy rat-tatted on the door-knob!! – so my friend– you have my undying thanks (don’t let me kid you!)

Well my sweet how are you? Have you obtained a position yet? I guess you’ll have just one heck of a time trying to get situated with all these strikes and whatnots in progress.

There are just thousands left high and dry over here that just can’t get a job, trying so hard that they are!!

I wrote you a couple of pages yesterday and got the old girl next door to post them– and the dope had to go and send it by sea-mail– so I don’t suppose you’ll get it for about 3 weeks to a month– I yelled in her good (or half good) ear to send it air-mail and she nodded her noodle as if she understood– but I guess she couldn’t have done! 

Right now I’m at home nursing Moms– she has had flue– and dead on top of that had one of he attacks– so I shall be playing “Mother” for a couple of weeks now. 

This morning I chased round the shops trying to buy up all dried-egg that I could– cause our Country isn’t going to buy any more from the States– just another crazy idea I suppose! 

Incidentally– when are you going to squat down with pen & paper to write your British Buddy a few lines?

Is there anything wrong?? If so–don’t forget our deal about writing to one another saying so!!

Had my photo snapped to-day and will send you some as soon as I have sighted the proofs. Im0er0still waiting for the ones of you and darling little Alan!! But don’t let me hurry you!!…

Well old sport its about time I started to mistake the dinner for the hungry twins– I guess they’ll be back home from work in a couple of hours like a couple of hungry falcons– as usual. 

So try to be good and do write soon. My regards to Lillian -Dave and Alan– and any-one else who cares!!


All my love


P.S. I noticed that on the parcel the address of the sender was Cpl. Silverman-Pine Camp– what gives– have you joined the army again?? I can’t make top nor tail of it– please explain huh? Sandy

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