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February 19, 1943.

Hello Dear

Another day, nice weather the sun is shining and it is pretty warm but still not warm enough to walk around without your jacket.

I went on detail this morning, first it was digging stumps, then the new sargent came to where we were working and told us to take our tools back to the port engineers and wait there for him. We did then we went to the 933 squadron and started to tear beds apart, and take the wooden sections that hold them together and load them in a truck, and brought them to the barracks just outside the fence at S.B. when we got there we found out that we had to move inside the fence in one of the other barracks. I don’t know whether I ever told you that I was never inside the fence, we lived in the barracks just outside of the fence, by fence I don’t mean a high one with wire around it, we only have a little white fence about 3 ft. high all around our squadron at S.B. They are planning to make a Basic training center out of this field, therefor saving the time of taking basic training at a place like Miami or A.C., they ship you directly here from your induction center, and you take basic training while you go to school, they are going to move all the squadrons that are here now, down by Spartan Barracks. They are doubling them all up. 798 is going to move in with 802 and so on so forth, some shit huh.

Well they took some more instructors out of my class again last nite but they have not asked me the second time. And I have not volunteered. I didn’t get any mail yesterday and none so far today so I don’t know really what to write. I don’t know ether I told you or not, that I signed the payroll while I was in the hospital, so I guess I will get paid this month, but I don’t get any money they keep it for me down at the squadron then when I get out the give it to me, by that time I will have quite a bankroll just enough for my next ferlough from no matter where I am sent.

If I don't ship out right after I graduate I am going straight to Malone and ask for a give or six day pass. I guess he will have the same old shit then, that you might get shipped out tomorrow, but if he springs that one I have a good answer for him, you can find out from the school when you are going to ship. But not where. So long lots of love and kisses. Still my little girl?

Your Husband


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