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February 14, 1943.

Hello Dear

Sorry for not writing you but it was impossible, I have officially wound up in the hospital. I cam here about 6 oclock in the morning, I went on for a couple of days but finally had to give in. It was about twenty after four in the morning in school when I felt so sick that I couldn’t stand up no more, so I went to the office and told them. I was going to go to the dispensary I was sick, they said alrite so I went, when I got there, they took my temperature and told me I was going to the hospital so here I am. The first two days I was quarantined I couldn’t read or write or smoke, so no letters to you or anybody else. This morning I was put in this ward so now I can write and read and even smoke.

It was funny yesterday I was dying for a smoke and none of the orderly’s would give me a cigarette, so when they exray technician came in to take some ex ray’s of some of the fellows, I bummed one off of him, he gave it to me, then the next thing was to get a match, I looked all over the place trying to find some way to get a light, there was a heater in the latrine, but that was electric so that was no good, well I kept the cigarette for about 4 hours, and every time one of the orderly would ask me what I wanted for chow I would tell them and the end would say a match, but that didn’t do any good, one of them almost gave one to me, but got to thinking and and refused me, I told him I had something in my tooth and wanted to use it for a tooth pick, he want and got me a tooth pick. I just had chow, it was really good we had potato-salad with pickles, cole slaw, 1 piece of baloney, and a piece of liverwurst, 2 slices of bread, glass of milk and a orange. I really enjoyed it, in the other ward I didn’t eat much only two meals and only then because i really felt hungry. The G.D smell of desiccant made me sick and every thing I started to eat smelled the same way. Yesterday we had cauliflower and mashed potatoes but I couldn’t eat them because they smelt like disinfectant they use when they mop the floor. In the ward I can smoke and that takes away the smell out of my nose. I felt better the second day I was here but they don’t let you out for a week at least, so that only means some more time in Seymour Johnson, I am glad I haven’t been out the last three days anyway because it is wind as hell and pretty cold. I hope when I do get out is nice weather. Well I don’t know what else to write about my life in the hospital at the present but I guess I will have more, when I get some letters, address them the same as before. Well I guess I will go out on the porch and have a smoke and wait until 4:30 and see if I get any mail from you. Here’s hoping. Until I write again tomorrow, remember me to all the family.

Your Husband,


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