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February 11, 1943.

Hello Dear

I am sorry for not writing you yesterday but I felt to sick to write. I went to bed after I came from supper and didn’t wake up until about 3:30 then I went to the latrine and came back and went to bed again. I really wish I had written you it would have saved me a walk. I got up when the boys went to school, ate and went right from chow to school, I was going to go on sick call when I went to school anyway, but when I went to school my class wasn’t there, I asked the instructor is 798 was late he said the class that is supposed to be in this room is off tonite so I had to walk all the way back to Spartan Barr.

Today I still have a big head, it feel as big as a balloon. It has been blowing like hell all nite and this morning it started to pour rain about 11:00 and is still raining. I guess we are in for another week of rain. I had the chapel detail today that is the first time I have ever been in church since I came in the arm. It was n easy detail, we started about 8:30 and was done about 10:30. I swept out the chaplains study and the pulpit and then took a rag and wiped the dust off of the chairs, then done a little mopping, then went out in back and took a smoke and bummed around for about half an hour. I received a letter yesterday afternoon late and none so far today but the day isn’t over yet. I was just reading over your letter from yesterday I don’t see anything to answer only one main thing. You were asking me in your letter if I had done anything well I am not sure, the thing I can tell you is to wait and see, you never will do what I tell you when I told you to wash out you just looked at my and smiled maybe you want a kid. If you do it is alrite with me, so long that it belongs to me and not the ice-man. We received a visitor from 798 this morning be has 8 days to his credit, I guess his sentence will be 48 days and 18 dollars a month, he hasn’t any allotment to be taken out so he will have to take the new phase so I have quite a stretch to go yet, the boys that were working on the new phase go swet to the ass, just as they were about finished they all came back mad as hell. My itch doesn’t bother me anymore the stuff they gave me was pretty good, they are taking our overcoats away from us and giving us Mcnucks all the Mechanics in the Air Force are getting them, they are made out of the same material as our Flight jackets only longer, I have not went down to the squadron to change mine yet, but I don’t give a damn weather I have the overcoat or any coat it don’t make a different to me. Well almost the end of the page, I don’t know what else to write so I guess I will tell you I love you, and if it is anything I want it to have blond hair and brown eyes. Here’s hoping it is a boy.

Your husband


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