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February 1, 1918.

Dear Mother:

I went to the office yesterday + got my grades. Today I receive them there the mail so it is not likely that you will receive them directly from the University.

Here they are

Public Speaking C+ 2 hrs credit

French C- 5

History, Causes of the War B 2

Public Finance B 3

Accounting + Business Practice B 2

So you see I have made this C + 7 hours of B work. I am not quite satisfied with my French + I am going to see Dr Havens about it. The other grades I received are fair marks for my work.

No, you need not send the suit-case back to me. I want to have one which looks better. I would like to have my blue denim shirt again but I will not need the night-gowns, because every one here wears pajamas. I really need a fountain pen I suppose. The one I have now does not have a very good point altho it is rather new. It seems to be worn out. It does not write very smoothly. I hope that you will include the overalls because they belong to Blasdel.

I was certainly very much affected when I heard of the death of Mr. Brown. I can realize some of the fatality of it, because I think he was slightly younger than Randolph when his father died + then I know other widows' sons here in school.

I like my new status very well + I think that I am in a position in which I can greatly improve may opportunities and develop some of the qualities which mark a college man, + I intend that they shall be the good ones. I need not do this along. There are many here whose foot-steps I can follow to advantage.

I am glad that father's law work is being advanced and settled to his advantage.

I am sorry to hear of Mr. Burchfields death. I remember him when he lived on Chestnut St.

In my next letter I will tell you about my new courses as I am learning slowly.

I suppose from your letter that you received the letter I wrote you last Thursday. I mailed it Friday morning I am short of money. My pay envelope has not come yet. I borrowed $5 from Hernsen today + I had my feed extended a month. If Louise has not receive money she must be short of it also.

With love to all,

Daniel H. Osborn

P.S. I will probably receive my pay envelope this week. DHO.

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