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December 7, 1943.

Dec 7, 1943

Dear Folks,

It was plenty warm today this morning it looks like a storm, rainy day but the sun came out later an now its very warm. Ive move in out of the sun that the way it is here.

Just about finished reading the eighteen letters received from you that from the States. There were some very nice Christmas Cards in the bunch.

I’m writing in the switch board cave, where it is cool.

Did I ever tell you about the small village I visited that was built on a high hill. One of our shells could nick the hold shy down. It all seems to be one piece with tunnels for streets and each are higher than the next. A funny cold smell came from the streets. It was a very odd place. Had to explain the is like a canal dug in the city and the city built in it.

In Els letter she said in setting the Thanksgiving table she set it for four and cuttin the pie it was the same way. Well the other day I saw some spoons, small coffee spoons. And I said they’d be nice to send home. So I got “4” forgetting as Els did that there are only three at home till the war is over. Well if those spoons don’t rust before I get them on the way. I’ll send all four. I just thought you’d like something made in Germany as the spoons were, after the war slanted be careful when this war is over there won’t be anything left in Germany to make a darn spoon with let alone a gun of any type.

What has my little sister come to sending me poems but the last one she sent. Or does she finally think I’ve grown up?

So its quite cold at home well if I remember correctly December wasn’t the warmest in the north.

Well my watch says its near eating time so, speaking of my watch I got a french strap on it I sent one home too in one of the packages. If you don’t know how to put a watch on it (if dad has a watch) just play with it till you get it.

Love as ever,


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