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December 25, 1944.

Christmas Night


Dear Folks, 

The sun was shining brightly on the tree this morning , as I walked to Sol room. That was the bright room so we put it there. Then we walked down to breakfast we passed the people of the town in their finest, more had their every day wooden shoes on or apron. All were dressed in their 1939 finest. A few wished us “Bonne Noel”, (Good Christmas) but most seemed only intent on getting to church where they would really pray for a Good Christmas next year. 

Some of the houses had trees in their windows that looked very much like our own. All with the shinning send over not by Santa, but dropped by German planes to send U.S. raids of its courses. It made good tinsel and shine bright so I guess the people here so know reason not to use it. 

The church bells were tolling and in side you could hear the organ playing “O Come All Ye Faithful”. We were going to that same at 730 to night but right now there was a Christmas Mass going on. 

We had Christmas dinner at 3pm Turkey with all the trimmings, potatoe, peas, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, pie, coffee, bread – butter. There was only one thing that could have made it taste better and that is to have eaten it of dishes that were a wedding present to a couple who love very much + with silver that was a present on their twenty five wedding day. 

At seven we when to “Candle Light Services” the little Church was filled with candles. Three on the back of each pew. We sang Silent Night, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Come All Ye Faithful. The chaplain spoke of the war and how it may not be such a bright Christmas for most of the world, in fact thing were very black for some. Then he said the blacker the night the brighter the star, meaning know matter how black things look we must still have hope and faith in the things in which we believe, for the brightness of day will come. 

Everything when along fine untill someone opened the door and let Tonys puppy she went sniffling and barking up the isle looking for him. Some one soon caught her and took her away.

The people of the house gave us wine and we gave the Children a lot of candy for Christmas. I asked them why they didnt hang out wreath on their door and they told me they had never heard of it on Christmas. Presents are not given out here in France on Christmas but instead on St. Nicholas Day December 6. They told us. 

In the evening we all got together and had a small beer party and talked and talked about everything from the war to pinups. I have enclosed 18 negatives in this letter.

Perhaps next year will be a white Christmas.

Love as ever,


P.S. Enclosed are 18 negatives 

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