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December 24, 1944.

Dec 24, 1944

Dear Folks,

Today went on a ride and borrowed some Christmas tree ornaments from some people we know in a near by town. They wished us a “Bon Noel” and gave us wine and toasted the “New Year”. They also gave us some art, said in strips the germans drop, they had been using it as silver on their trees for the past four years. It was quite cold for thsi time of the year and I put my hood up its quite good for wind.

It took us almost half of the afternoon to trim the tree we “picked up” the day before. It was growing in some ones back yard. The tree is covered with real tree ornaments “made in germany” just as [unreadable] to be back home. We covered all the branches with [unreadable] put all the red ribbon that we saved from packages. It was a very full tree and looks good.

After supper started the party. The french brought wine and wisky. We had all our canned things from our packages and there was everything from chocolate candy to [unreadable] pickles “Tye Crisp”. We sang Christmas songs and listen to them on the radio. Quite a few fellows dropped in and out, some with bottles some who were no longer in need of bottles. We took pictures of the tree but the fellows were “Merry” that I don’t take too much [unreadable]. However I took a few of the tree and they should be O.K.

Right after [unreadable] I dropped the little church around the corner and they were singing Silent Night in French it sounded very beautiful.

I hope at home you have a nice Christmas Eve without me as I did without you. We all thought of home quite a few times tonight. Coming to the conclusion that this probably wouldn’t be the last Christmas away from home but knowing it was on closer to home.

Merry Christmas Mom, Pop and Ele.

From someone who loves you far, far away.


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