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December 23, 1931.

Dear Cicely,

As usual I allowed my correspondence to drop a few days behind, and then I thought I would wait till near Xmas before I would write, so here you are. I received your last letter O.K. As usual it was a good one, and revived of and pleasant memories. I hope you won’t have to work too hard around the Xmas season; I’m sure there will be quite a rush at your place in Isleworth. Had you any luck in your Xmas draw?

You won’t see many of the Strawberry Hill Students about Twickenham for a few weeks now. One of them called with me on his way home on Saturday. I don’t know whether you know him or not his name is Keager. He seems to know you. Well I had all the news from the college and district from him. I assure you he is a good talker, for when facts are exhausted he can find a few. I am sorry, Cis, that I wasn’t able to send you a present for Xmas not having been paid yet. You see my payday is on the thirteenth of the month and having started in a broken month I don’t get anything till the 13th January. However I get then £18- 10 for about five weeks work, so you see the pay isn’t bad.

I want you to keep the little rose on the card in remembrance of me. The rose is the emblem of love you know, and I’m so fond of you, kid. I have got my holidays from school to-day and I don’t start again till Jan. 4th.

It’s getting late now so I’ll have to finish. Good-night Sweetheart and a very happy Xmas and a glad New Year is the least wishes of yours very affectionately,



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