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December 22, 1946.

Dear Harry, 

After cutting my way through the icicles that form every time I breathe– I’ve finally got to the paper– so here goes!! I consider myself severely told off after reading your letter, it appears the one of mine you received was “high and dry”, you men are all the same– if I didn’t write you would have moaned– still I don’t have much more news even now. I’ve been to Southhampton to see the shipping people there, and at one office I could have sailed in 2 ½ hours but that was no good as by the time it would have taken to get back home, for my gear– then back again to the docks, it would be almost four hours or more. 

Its the same answer at ever place– “I’ll just have to hope for cancelations”. But my one hope now is for the “Ille-De-France”– she leaves on the 4th or thereabouts of January! I’ll just have to keep pestering them! I hope they get fed up with me, then they’ll give me a passage to keep me quiet! 

I’m not kidding my sweet– when I say that this is worrying me to death. I’ve got so dispirited of late with the act that I can’t get anything definite. I sometimes think that I shall never get over, the rate things are going! Incidentally dear, I actually lost my temper with “Willie” (he’s the agent) so “he don’t get around much anymore”– and he has one less on his list!! I would willingly have wrung his neck for two pins!!

(I have to stop now and again whilst writing this to thaw through– it’s 6 degrees below zero!!) You said in your letter that you didn’t think you’d have a white Xmas–well– we’ll definitely have one, snow till further orders here, and as it falls it freezes! 

Sorry! Your little assistant sounds quite “the help”, when does she go to school– all day then help out at the store in the evening??

You say Syd leaves in February? Well, I’ll do my darndest to try and get to meet him before he goes!!!

Practically all our relations have invited themselves down for Xmas– with the excuse that its my last at home, I guess we’ll just have to stack’em against the walls– there’s just dozens of blighters too!!! I suppose my uncles will come armed with practically a whole mistletoe root each!!

Incidentally, I’ve not sent any cards this Xmas cause when they were available I thought for sure I wouldn’t be here– so I didn’t purchase any– now I’m left without even one! So kindly explain to Lillian & David for me!– Ta!!

I hope you wont find this too “high and dry” but I’ve really told you all the news that there is. (I hope to have some more in a couple of days.)

Please accept and convey my best wishes for the season – and have a nice Christmas, wont you??

Please write me soon dear– I’m so fed up!

Be Good,


All my love,


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