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December 20th, 1945.

[….] Portsmouth,  England.


Dear Harry, 

Hello Ducks! Received your letter this very bright morning– and was glad to hear that you received the parcels O.K.– the gifts weren’t anything much– but I know that you understand how difficult it is to purchase anything over here– still I’m glad you rather liked them! 

Of course I made them wit my own two hands–dope!– how else do you suppose I made them– with my feet??– my your funny!!

I received a letter from William yesterday and answered it there and then. She tells me you played Nursemaid to Alan Barry – I bet you looked gawky trying to diaper him– I’d have given a months sugar ration– just to have seen you. 

Remember Harry-Boy! Practice makes perfect!! Keep up the good work!!

My–but you seem to have the darnedest luck in trying to get situated– your luck is almost as rotten as mine! – and that’s saying something!

Yeppy! I heard about Gen. Patton – but I think he will pull through O.K. now!– Thank Heavens!!– he is a very good man– agree??!!

Who is “Sydney” that Lollie mentioned– you never say a word about your friends– break open oy!! and tell Sandy all about your civilian life– anyone would think you were friendless– if they didn’t know you! 

Hey! I read “Forever Amber” – did you read it? I think its very well written and I must have taken years of research– to get all those tiny details– Amber was some “gal”– wasn’t she? 

If I’m making too many mistakes– take no notice as the kids in the office are kicking up a heck of a stink– talking on their pet subject = “Men!” The dreams! They keep yelling to give you their love– so I’m forwarding it like a “good” girl. 

I may as well tell you that you’ve attained the position of “Honorary Pin-Up Boy– of the Wolverines Club”. You’ve been that for almost four-months now– and they think that you  must be a “dream”– (just an expression– by god!) every time they pass our picture– they howl – “Hubba-Hubba-Harry-Boy!” – really you should be extremely flattered– but don’t let it go to your head now– were  really nuts!! 

Well dear!– That’s about all for now– don’t forget the pictures of Alan Barry– and yourself!! Ta-ta for now….




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