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December 16, 1944.

Dec 16, 1944

Southern France

Dear Mom,

The enclosed pictures were taken during my recent travels in France. The one of “Tony” and I taken in the small door way shows how different some of there houses over here are from ours. The door way are so low that even you as small as you are would have to duck your head to get in.  How ever the houses next door probably would be normal size. I remember one night some people invited us to sleep at their house and gave me a bueaitufl bed with feather [unreadable] and all. I could wait to get into it, when Id di I found it was build on this small scale and I could stretch out full length. DId sleep well at all that night as I had to stretch out at an angle. You see most of the people aren’t much tall than 5’3.

The pictures of me eating some french pastry in front of the entrance to an air raid shelter in one of the typical “French Provincial” type towns. I eating the last of one dozen mixture of tarts, egg clares, jelly roll etc. We each had a dozen. Perhaps that accounts for the look on my face.

Buch whent to take my picture with the bombed house in the back ground and before we knew it I wasn’t alone. They tryed to do the same thing in the picture of me hitch a ride with the French party in hind but we shoved them away. I guess they wanted the cakes more than anything. In some of the pictures notice that the word “bar” BAR is the same in French as it is in English. It was there that the inside shots sent last week were taken. In all there are ten pictures.

Love as ever,


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