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December 16, 1943.

Dec 16, 1943

North Africa

Dear Mother & Dad,

I liked very much the things you said on Armistice Day about the war being over. Mom your getting to be quite expert writter. Did you ever think two years ago that you’d be writing a letter a day for over a year. I remember when i came home fourlough on the kitchen table I saw a dictionary, news papers with clippings cut out, a bottle of pink, pen and paper. Just like a office. It was just the way I thought it would be.

Again I say I have received everything you ever sent expect in my hands by the time you’ll receive this letter.

It was funny the letter I received the other from you to ask for a camera well before I received I asked you to sent one to me I should have asked someone.

About White Christmas, it didn’t sorta get me last year but this year I’m sure it won’t as after a year you get use to being away on that day.

We’ll have a party on the day and have fun. I’ll never be happy in the hand on Christmas till this war is over and the best French I have in the world return with me.

Since we’ve come over here its one for all and all for one.

Well till tomorrow.

So long, love as ever,


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