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August 29, 1943.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Dear Mom:

Received your welcomed letter and also got the money order that you sent. I’m feeling fine now. I just got a notice to report to the hospital this coming Wednesday for a “CDD”, that means I Can’t Do Duty”. And all I have to do is wait for my Discharge Papers. If ever thing turns out all right I’ll be home within 2 weeks. On a average of 10 a day, soldiers are getting discharge from our camp!

I think they give us about 100 dollars to cover expenses of train + food. But I might send home for some more, because I’m going to see Joe Zojac + Mac in Texas. Then I’m going to stop at different places such as Kentucky and Cleveland where some other Discharges that are with me live! Then again I might even be transferred to a “Medical Outfit”.

Well, I guess I might as well tell you what is wrong with me, so I can put you straight.

Here’s what it says on the Doctor’s Papers! Scoliosis, type undetermined.

I guess you will need a dictionary to see what it means! But I could have been 4F, if I could have told them when I got examined in Akron.

I’m going to find out what can be done for it. But for the time being don’t tell anyone as yet.

Say, hello to everybody, see you soon? I hope!

Your Son Ralph

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