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August 7, 1943.

Dear Mother:

I received your letter and was very glad to hear from you again. I’ve been working pretty hard lately but I’m standing it out alright. I’m in pretty good with the officers so I don’t worry about anything, I’m feeling fine now? I’m still waiting for a answer whether I’m going to be Discharged or not? I’ve been having trouble with my back it is beginning to a get a hump on the right side, so I had XRays taken and the Doctor told me that my case was before the Board for hearing. So then they would let me know in a week what has to be done. I’ll let you know just as soon as possible. In a few weeks we are going on a Field Problem for 4 weeks, then when we come back we expect a furlough. Ralph Colla is fine, he is a “Private First Class” now, I received a few letters from Joe and he seems very worried about his mother and he still likes that Vicky yet. He tells me all he does is get drunk. I received a picture of him and boy, I didn’t know it was the same person. He changed quite alot. He thinner and seemed like his face is different also. Maybe it was just a bad picture?

No, the cookies do not break, they are in one piece? Well I quit writing to alot of person I just can’t catch up and I’m to busy. Any time off here I try to enjoy myself? I just finished a 25 mile hike in 7 hours and boy, were my feet blistered. We left camp at 2 o’clock in the morning and got back to camp at 9 o’clock the same morning. I’m just getting over the effects of it. Well Ma, say hello to everybody. And I miss you all immensely? Can’t wait till I’m back again. Maybe it will be soon, so Pray for me? Hope this letter find you and everybody in Good Health and Happy?

Your Son,


P.S. Did you get my wrist watch?

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