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August 30, 1943.

Dear Ranny:

Received your letter and I was glad to hear from you.

Yes Ranny I guess it is 3 months. It seems longer than that to me. I hope you do get discharge papers soon. Because you’ll have a swell family to come home to. You know girls don’t mean anything. You can always find another girl but you can’t never find another mothers and you have a wonderful mother + dad. I saw them last night. I haven’t seen them for a long time. Your grand mother was up about a week ago Because of her house down here. She came over. Your mother called up + asked for me to come over. I tell her yes + never go. So I told her if it was alright to go after work. So I did last night + I stayed until 9:30p P.M. I sewed her shades in the room. They look new again. Your grandmother bake bread yesterday. Your mother got a letter from you yesterday. Your brother Joe is getting big. He went to the show with the boys. You have a swell mother. Do as she says because Ranny she thinks the world of you and would do any thing for you.

Has for me. I’ll never get married not yet any way. I am not going with any one. I come to understand myself that my mother was right Ranny. That’s why I don’t want to go with Joe. Ranny you really don’t know what it is not to listen to your mother. My mother doesn’t want me to marry a certain boy. She wants me to marry who I want but Italian. So I hope + pray I do marry an Italian boy. Jenny was crazy for doing a thing like that. Because Ranny not that I want you to get big headed. But she doesn’t have a kid has swell, good looking and a nice family as yours. But I guess people go crazy that way + it can’t be helped. So it pays to think first. I always did say you were a swell kid + always will be I hope any way.

Tony said hello + he also said, wish you luck that you can come home + work up at the G.F. with him. Your Tony is a bad man now. He has his war time. He is on 3 to 11 this week. So he made it. He is on the new plane P63. I am still the same plane. But always days. I may get a bad girl job on the new front fuselage down stair one floor down from me. Just praying to get it. I’ll make more money.

Gee Ranny I have a book written not a letter. I’ll close now. I hope + pray you’ll come home soon. Answer soon + take care of yourself. Always.

Regards from all to you.

Love always,

Yours “Vicky”

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