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August 26, 1943.

Dear Ranny,

It’s nice to hear that your coming home for good. Hope you receive this letter before you leave. Though I’m very sorry to hear that there’s something the matter with your back.

I certainly am glad that I’m not a boy. I would never want to be in the army.

Lou is just getting along swell. You’d be surprised to see how many civilians are still hear. I’m listening to Harry Jones and he’s play “Paper Doll”. Ever hear of it. “Solid price”. Abe Lyman was at the Palace and Charlie Barnett is coming again but this to the Mansion. I have a chance to see him but I have to break it. I have to work from 11 to 7 and I can’t get off.

I haven’t been dancing for almost two weeks. I was sick so I didn’t go to work for some time and their short of girls and that’s why they won’t give me off. But I don’t care because I already saw C.B. and it will probably be real crowded. I’m going dancing tonight before I go to work. (It’s Thursday) And I’m going with Marge Mockey. Remember he. Haven’t seen her all summer.

Well, I hope I see you soon or hear from you soon. And do take care of yourself.

Love, Anne

P.S. What does I.L.T.P.W.O.T. mean I’m awfully curious

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