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August 25, 1938.

Sweetheart –

I received your first letter today. I was so glad to hear from you. I guess, while I am writing this letter you are over with Dot.

I told Dad + Ken that you said ‘hello’ and dad said ‘hello’ to you but Ken called you a ‘letter filler-up-er! That’s not nice of him is it.

Well sweety only two more days and nites and then I see you. (Sounds just like before we were married.)

The woman here is now in bed sick and we must eat at another house. It is a brother to the one where we are now staying.

More good reports came from the Lutheran Committee, the Reformends aren’t ever coming around because they have confidence in our being able to give them a good job.

I hope that all will be satisfied when we are finished.

Are you able set to spend a week in the mountains next week? I sure sam. I guess that will be the nearest thing to a vacation I’ll get this year. Oh well, who cares, I’m sure I don’t.

As long as I have you I am satisfied. Tonight we are going to Milford. I don’t know what’s at the movies there tonight.

The men are ready and waiting, I think, so I’ll say good-nite until Friday – I don’t know for sure just what time, but don’t worry I’ll be home.

All my luck,

As always


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