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August 23, 1943.

Dearest Ranny:

Received your lovely letter + was very happy to hear from you. Am fine + hope you are the same. So you are getting a medical discharge. In a way I’m glad + in a way I’m not. It will be swell having you back + again I think it’s better to be perfect in health + in the army than out + having something wrong with you.

About Jenny, I saw her out with fellows a couple of times but I didn’t want to tell you. I thought you might not like it. But now that you say she’s going steady it’s all right to tell you. Do you feel bad about it. Well if you do you’ll get over it. My brother Steve was transferred down to [unreadable]. Isn’t that swell. Of course it meant that he’ll be going away sooner but at least he’ll be close to home as long as he’s there.

I was in Cleveland last Sunday. I went up Saturday after work + came home Monday morning. Well I can’t think of anything to say. There is nothing new in Youngstown. So I’ll close hoping to hear from you very soon.

All my love,



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