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August 22, 1944.

August 22, 1944

Dear Mother + Dad,

Received three packages and quite a few letters and papers. The bread and butter pickles (the big jar) arrived fine wrapped in that sheet. Two of the packages were marked O + P. The thing I did not look at as it had the egg in it and they were broken and smelt terrible. There was writing paper I’m writting on and pencils for coloring they are perfect for photos wet layered it last night and it works better than any I’ve had yet.

I should have said four packages as there was a small box of candy from Ele – first class mail.

In all last night received three rolls of film, there was an envelope torn however a label from the Post departing it in it to the effect that they had to re seal it I’m sure there was a role of film it in it this is the first [unreadable] rll I’ve lost once and every envelope cant when you send them send one. We can’t kick as that is a very low average. I now have seven roll [unreadable].

They can a [unreadable]  if I saw something interesting however  of late I have been taking picture of Shishype [SP?] which I have enclosed. If you will notice this poor mule is in trouble. Beside have to carry a very heavy load, his troubles are more complex. He has just come up a hill and his load has shifted to his rear. If you will notice his rear begins just touching the ground and everytime his man pulls him up in the air he went. When I took this picture his owner had left to get help that is the reason I didn’t get the mule in the air as would have liked.



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