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August 22, 1938.

Darlingest –

Now that I’m all ready for bed I’ll write you everything I did today – which will amount to exactly nothing. I got up about the usual time – 9:20. Poked around doing the dishes, fed the fish, looked at the flowers and then came in and began typing at “The Masterpiece”. I think it’s awful! If I had the money I’d send it to “Writers Digest”. They enroll beginners every month in their writing school if their work merits it.

Then I began working on my blouse until it made me dizzy so I decided to read “The Girl’s Companion” for awhile. After that I took a bath, dressed and walked over Town (7:30) and looked in the windows, met one of my old customers and talked to her awhile until her street car came. By then I was thirsty so Whelan’s was the answer. I got a small lemon ‘cake’ and so – home (9:00). I sat down on the porch awhile before coming up to the apartment. Oh, es, on the way home Ruby stopped me and talked for awhile. She wants me to come down and visit her. They still live at 33 S. Hartley Street. I told her I would. She’s always lively and full of fun.

Did you get down alright? Tell the driver (four Dad?) to be careful ‘cause you’re all I’ve got and I love you so – but there I go.

There was no mail except the “G.C.”. Now there! – Wasn’t that a big day? Oh, yes, I ate twice and took my medicine as many times. “And so to bed.” (quote Samuel Pepys)

You see I haven’t much to write but you know what I was doing practically every minute of the day.

I’ll be looking for a letter from you tomorrow, Sweetheart. I got along alright today with you – only four more now.

All my love to you, my dearest

Your Nelda

P.S. Tell your dad and Ken “Hello” N.

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