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August 22, 1935.

Dearest Walter,

I got your letter this morning + am going to ans it + run to the P.O. + mail it you may get it Fri. + if you don’t will get it Sat. but this the only chance I have of getting you one this week.

Darling I am feeling pretty good to-day + hope this finds you O.K. + not having to work so hard.

You was wondering why I couldn’t sleep can’t tell you unless it is because I have so many things on my mind + I sure do have enough to keep it working over time. I haven’t been asleep before eleven o’clock for I don’t know how many nights + part of the time after midnight.

You say my letters sound like you was the cause of my being so blue. You are in a way dear for you know that I can’t love you like I do + not be blue when I am away from you.

Darling there is a lot of things that I would like to say to you but don’t hardly know how to say them am afraid that you will think I am writing just because I am blue or mad. But I am not mad but I feel like it is so silly for us to keep waiting like we have been for the last two years or almost that long. No we might have had some hard times I don’t say we wouldn't but I believe we would have been better satisfied than we have been I know that at the start you didn’t have any job + it looked almost impossible for us to get married then but since you have been working it looks to me like we could have been together I know you have to help your folks + am willing for you to do that for I have told you plenty of times that I didn’t think it would be right for you not to but what I want is for us to be together + what bard times or troublewise have to share them between us. I know there is a lot more to getting married than just getting the preacher + that we will be apt to have hard times a long with the good but take it all in all I believe the good times will over balance the bad + to use one of your own expressions where there is a will there is a way.

But I guess you have heard this until you are tired of it + in fact I am getting ashamed of myself + more than likely I will be thinking if we even go get married that maybe you just married me to hush about it. Now if I I was a kid 18 or 19 or something like that waiting would be a different thing but right now both of us are spending the best part of our lives + it looks to me like wasting it or mine is any way.

You keep saying be patient + patience is one thing that I never did have an over large supply of.

Now darling I don’t mean to accuse you of not loving me for I believe that you do but I do believe that if you had loved me as I love you that it would have been you that was insisting on getting married instead of me. Is it because of things being like they are (you know what I mean Dear) if it is I am still glad you found out. And don’t want you to think you have to take me just because you did find out but I don’t want you to think just because we might have a hard time + be able to have every thing we want that that is any reason why we ought to wait any longer for I have always had to work + would rather work with you as to live in a palace with any body else.

Well must close + get to the P.O. please don’t think I have lost all my mind but do try to understand what I mean.

Love + best wishes from


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