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August 20, 1943.

Hiya Sharpie!!!!!

Gee Ranny I am so sorry I didn’t write sooner but you understand. Harry came home and everything. I received your picture and I was really surprised how nice you look in your uniform. You used to knock the girls out with your drapes but I know that you are doing the same with your uniform.

Harry is darling. Believe me Ranny when I say I’ll never love a kid as I did him. He got much cuter. And he is a knock out in his uniform.

When he left he told me that I could date if I wanted to but not to get serious over anybody. Well when he was gone for 6 weeks up at Great Lakes I just wanted to see if I really loved him and I found out I did.

He claims he still loves me and he told me to be good. But Ranny you just can’t trust these boys in a uniform. They go to so many different states, they see a lot of different girls. That’s why I worry so much. Honest Ranny I love 6 pounds when Harry left. When he come home he was real mad because I got so thin.

I’ll let you think I’m crazy writing you all these things but Ranny to me you are the only one I can write to and you tell me the truth about things and you understand. I really like you Ranny next to Harry.

Right now I am so blue I have a lump in my throat. I feel like crying to think of those times we had together. I really miss the whole crowd. I hope and pray to God every nite that things will be as they used to. But I doubt it for the whole gang broke up with their girls. Homer -- “B” -- you -- Jenny -- Joe --Vicky. I always fear that we will be next.

Homer wrote and told “B” he is sorry and pleads with her to go back but she isn’t and I don’t blame her for she gave him a lot of chances. That’s what’s the trouble with these boys they see a girl fall for her -- get over them -- and then expect the girl back home to take all that crap.

Remember Ranny I told you to find out if Harry really likes me but you never found out so please do that for me. I know I can trust you to do that favor for me.

I think he likes me but as usual when he was home we had a fight. We made up though and everything is fine.

I guess I am boring you so please forgive me sweet.

Goodnight and May God Bless You for you are so sweet. I can grab you and squeeze the heck out of you.



{Please answer soon}






P.S. Don’t forget that favor

I will send you Harry’s new address

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