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August 20, 1943.

Dear Son:

Harry left Wednesday evening at 10:30. Papa and I went dow to the station. There were a lot of sailors and soldiers leaving. It will be soon three months you left. It seems to me like a year. I am counting the days when I can see you. Ralph, please be nice to the Lieutants, if you talk too much they will always be mean.Then dear son, “Everything, though is for some good.” Be obedient, I know you are disgusted because you do not feel well. Please keep your courage up. I hope it will be a new Ralph coming back.

You remember when I would say Ralph, take care of your health, you are ruining it. You did not care. I raised you so nice and then to think you had to ruin your health so young.

Joe Zojac is transferred to Texas at Camp Swift, his mother called me up and told me about it.

Vicky was up last SUnday after about six weeks or more to see us, she just stayed about an hour.

About Jennie, I just told you for your own good, she is not for you but if you love her I don’t care. You can marry her but not with my blessing. You are too young to get married. When a man gets married his troubles begin. Your father was thirty when he got married. I want you to marry a nice girl and I want you to be happy as your father and I. When I tell you something you never want to listen to me, you have to learn the bitter way.

How is the weather there? Here it has been cool for about a week. Frank DelBene is a corporal now. Did you write to Paul Richards?

I have been praying for you every day, and may God Bless you.



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