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August 19, 1943.

Dear Mother:

Received your letter and was very happy to hear from you again. I’m feeling fine now? But my back still bothers me and as I was excused from all hard Duty, I’m know keeping care of the Toilets now? I’m just waiting a call from the Medical Board now. I’m now on a 5 week Field Problem? Can’t wait till I’m home again, this army life sure let me appreciate home more. Won’t it be swell to make the same money like I use to?

How is everybody home. Is Pa all right? So you met Bea, isn’t she nice? Well I got a letter from Mac and he told me was sorry what he done to Bea. He had called her up on the phone to make up with her. I hope they get together soon! Well I stopped writing to Jennie now? I hope Mrs. PErry is over her sickness. Was she sick when Harry came home. How did Harry look in a Navy uniform?

Well till next time,


Your Son


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