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August 18, 1943.

Dearest Ranny:

Received your letter but you’ll have to excuse my because I couldn't fine time to answer sooner.

Well your grandmother went to Church Monday and she came up to our place. She had dinner + I had to go to work and left her. She left about 2:30pm. So much for that.

Oh I hear that your girl friend Jenny is going steady with a fellow from Sharon by the name of Mick. I didn’t see Jenny about three weeks now. But Sunday night Red + I are going out the Park together + may see her in the dance. I hear he is a swell fellow and he does want to get married for Die. But Jenny didn’t make her mine up yet. Did you know about it or not Ranny Don’t say that I told you anything. I guess there all getting married.

Ranny I left your letter because I didn’t have time and it is Saturday now. August 20th. So I have to go to work now it is 1:00pm. Until I hear from you again. Got Bless you. Oh by the way I don’t even want you to put Joe name in your letter. Because I have nothing to-do with him. He is just a friend. There isn’t anyone that can change my mine. I have boys that really love me + will not be near to me. That will like my family also. I’ll be getting married sooner than everyone thinks so. Just have to make up my mine who I won’t.

I’ll close now. Love Raymon from all. Do you know if you are coming. I hope so.



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