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August 17, 1943.

Dear Son:

Today is August 16th and I received your loving letter this morning. Does Grandma keep an eye on the mail man? She can tell your letters.

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling any better yet. So you are excused from all training. Maybe if you rest a little you will feel better. I suppose the Medical Board knows best what to do. Ask them for a “rest cure” and that you will be glad to go back if you feel well. I want you myself to help your country if you are able too.

Harry is leaving Wednesday Aug. 18th, his nine (9) day furlough is up. He looks nice I wish you could see him. He said he wishes you were together.

You said you could go for a nice “juicy” steak or chicken, well when you come home, I certainly will cook it for you.

It is kind of hard to get certain foods but thank God so for us been having everything. You got to have points when I buy a steak, I use chicken to save the points, as Steak you need a number of points. Uncle Joe, my brother, is raising chickens and I buy from him. They certainly are nice springers. Butter is hard to get but of course my milk man saves a pound for me a week. You need ten points for a pound of butter.

Ralph, if you need some money let me know. No I have not received any “bonds” from the army yet.

I received your picture. You look nice. What kind of outfit is it? Your brother Joe said he would not mind if has a suit like that.

Best regards from all the family, and speedy recovery is you were closer I would come see you.


Your devoted Mother

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