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August 16, 1943.

Hiya Jackson:

I am going to answer your letter today when I have time. I will mail it yo ou when I get the pictures we took yesterday. I have a long distance phone call in to Bea. I hope she can hear me, the last time she couldn’t. I don’t know but the purpose of this phone call is to make up. Maybe a letter from you Ranny would help me out. Just like Jenny writes to me and I answer it. She sure likes you and she is waiting for us to come home so we can go out.

Glad to hear you changed your mind about the Army, but sorry to hear about your back. Just want seems to have caused it? You say you would like tobe at home with the gang. No one is left of the gang now. I also wish I could get to come and see you but right now it is impossible. Maybe if I get a furlough after my operation and you are still there I will stop for a day either coming or going. The officershere are swell all but the non com’s.

I am in the tech supply making out store charges. The squadron is really hot, but I doubt if I leave here with them. If you get a furlough in six weeks we can go out then together.

Erskine Hawkins is coming Thursday night to the Municipal Auditorium at $1.00 advance sale. I go to all the U.S.O dance and they have some swell air force orchestras. Brooks Field, Stimson, and Nomoyle. The women here can really dance just like we do back home. Your right Ralph I found out that I can’t find a better girl than Bea. The Army has changed me some, but if she gives me another change she’ll not regret it I’ll assure you of that. I don’t think JJ will ever forget about you and I hope Bea doesn’t forget me.

Same thing goes for the girls here. If you are not careful they’ll fuck you just like I got. Well Jackson I’ll close for this time hoping to hear some jive from you soon as to your discharge. I doubt if I would take one. Don’t forget to write when you can, but first to Bea. Keep Em Firing and I’ll keep Em Flying.

Your Old Pal


P.S. Hope we get home together. If not I’ll stop and see you on my way home. Expect to have my operation soon.

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