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August 12, 1943.

Hello Brother

I am now home and feeling fine and happy. How are you does your back still ache are you going to get a discharge I am praying that you do so you on my next leave I can get together with you. So far I have I have ripped of one piece I can’t get the feeling I use to get. I don’t know what’s wrong. Say Eddie is down in California like you can understand it is not spelled right. Well there ain’t much left around youngstown no buddie nothing but women and boy are the (awful ugly) muscle all over. Boy all you see around here is Army fellows last night I went in Stones and I was the only sailor in there. Boy did I feel strange every looking at me. Boy do I miss you I don’t feel like doing anything cause every thing here reminds me of you. I have not found any thing about Jenny yet but if I do will let you know. Boy have I got something to tell you know Torborna girl Louise well I heard she give out and Bob could of got it that last night he was here. When he hears this he will go nuts won’t he well he always did get fucked didn’t he. Well all I can say is this place looks dead with out you. Say this is none of my business but I wish you wouldn’t bother with Vicky. I and telling you Mrs Zojack is worried about Joe on account of what Vicky done to him he is drunk every night the way I read about it. She is just a trouble maker.

Your Loving Brother,


P.S. hope you understand this letter

May God Bless You

Wish you would take my advice about Vicky

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