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August 11, 1943.

Dear Hon.

I received your long awaited letter and was glad to hear from you. Your letter was two days late but I’ll forgive you since you were away on Field Problems, but don’t tell me that when you go out for give weeks I would hear from you better write or I’ll break your neck when you come home. Hon, when you have a chance to have a good time I want you to, because you deserve it, and another reason when I have a chance I do too. So you know about Jenny going out with that boy, I glad to hear that you don’t care, and that if I go steady that your still write to me. So the people told you that I would be a swell girlfriend to have, its too bad you didn’t realize it soon.

I’m so glad to hear that you will be home in Oct. and that you might be a Medical Discharge, that would be swell, just image we could see other often and we could go out and have all the fun we had before you left. Honest hon! I’ll pray for you, but if you can’t it will be good to see you in Oct. I’ll be in scholl then, so incase you come during the day you know where you can find me. Harry isn’t home yet I’ll probably see him at the Park Sun. Whitey was home last week and I saw he once with his girl. Nobody else is home but Steve is coming home soon, thats what he said in his last letter. I want to thank you for the picture you really look cute I can’t wait to see you and I not kidding hon. Don’t tell me that you started to play crap, you tell him that I said to keep away from you when he plays crap. Because I don’t want you to start. I started this letter at my Grandmother house and if you noticed the cloxed of the ink. I had to go home so I had to stop and now I started again. I want to finish this letter so I could mail it and so you could get it sooner.

I’m glad to hear that Fredi and Angie are married, she wanted to marry him so now she is. How does she feel about married life. Does she like it. Like you do. Remember you said that you want to get married and come home to a wife and bunch of kids. You don’t want much, do you! Well that boy I marry if he has the same idea you have, we better stope right there, because I don’t want to have any kids. Not if I could help it. Their too much trouble.

Hon, do you still miss me I hope you do because if you don’t i’ll be mad at you. Oh I forgot to tell you I receive a letter from Joe and was I surprise. He said that he broke up with his girl and he wanted to know if I knew anybody, I mean a girlfriend for him. He wants my picture but I don’t have any to give him. He wants to go Overseas, I told him he was nuts, just because he broke up with his girl he doesn’t care what happens to him. That’s the way I think, don’t you.

So you lost your tecknique in kissing, that’s too bad. When you come home we will have to start all over again. Now listen here you big monkey face! I don’t go out with different boys, you know damn well I don’t. The only boy I went out with since you left is Mat and tahts all. I only went out with him once. When I read that part of your letter I could have killed you for saying that. You know you say those things just to burn me up. Don’t worry I’ll fek you up when you come home.

Well, sweetheart! Are they still working you hard.You sure do look run down in your picture. I bet you are losing weigh, you look it in your picture. Well hon, I’ll be closing up for now and until I hear from you again take care of yourself and I always will love you.

Write Soon.

God Bless You

Always Yours


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