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August 1, 1943.

Dear Ma!

Received your swell letter and I’m feeling fine now. But I’m still tired, because we have been on the go all this week. All last week we have been getting up at 4 A.M. every morning. All we do any more is practice on the 4D millimeter Guns. We have been firing the Guns on plane models? I’m still a “Lookout Vertical Gunpointer”.

Yes, Harry wrote and told me that his mother came up to see him? Yes, Eddy has been home on furlough and Harry will be next. I just hoped that we all joined the Navy together?

Sorry to hear Mrs. Zojac is sick now? Joe ought to be able to come home on a emergency furlough anyway, Does Vicky go over to her?

Ma did you get a “War Bond” yet from the Army? If not, you should get one this month. Because they are taking $15.50 for Bonds every payday. I just received my pay again I got $29.50?

Glad to hear Uncle Joe is back again.I received quite a few cards from him and Bob and Yolanda? When I get time I’ll write to them. I have about 25 different letters to try and answer so I’m really busy. I think I'll just quit writing to everybody?

Glad to hear you got a new Radio? Does it have a place to play Records. Where did you get it at?

Ma, if I don’t write as often don’t worry! Because I’m very busy here and many times we are out on maneuvers? I’ve been having trouble with my back lately, so I had X Rays taken of it. I have to see the Doctor Monday to see about it. Maybe they will discharge me, I hope! Anyway I think we will get a furlough within 2 more months. They say we are ahead of schedule here, so we will finish our training sooner? Then probably go to a different camp or even over Seas? Well Mother, say hello to everybody! God Bless you always!

Your Son,


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