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April 9, 1945.

April 9, 1945

Dear Mother, Dad + Ele,

Last night there was know mail so there will be twice as much to night, I hope.

Yesterday afternoon a few of us whent for a walk thought I could get a few shot with the camera of the wooded erea near by, well I did but not the type I expected. We saw some feer Ray took a shot at one and hit him. The deer ranoff in a crazy manner, we though h-e got away but after walking a sho-ort distances there he was dead on the path. We left he there whent back to the house and got Smith, he is from the north woods and he cleaned out in the woods. (Itook some pictures.) then we carried it back to the h-ouse and took over the kitchen. First we collected all the frieing pans we could get, sault pepper, flour, bread and some wine. After four hours of work Smith and Tom had ch-oppes, steaks, fried onion and gravy rolling off the production line. Then we got on the tele-phone and call everyone we knew. “How would  you like a nice steak sandwich with onions, before going to bed, so that you will drean the war is over?” Each time the answer would come back, “are you kidding?” They came anyway, with bedroom slippers on, Newman even left his typewriter, other produced bottles of wine from their jackets when they asured themselves we were not kidding. It was t-hefirst time a great deal of the boys, including myself ever had eaten deer meet. Its quite good but very rich you cant eat much of it, or you will dream the war is over or some other terrible dream. Some of the fellow said they couldn’t tell the difference from steak. The thing wound up at midnight, after a long discussion on the subject of strange and interesting foods, such as boiled snails, seaweed on toast, freid ostrich edds, scunk stew, and strawberry short-cake.

Im enclosing some post cards that I th-ink are very nice they are of the liberation of Paris. I have had them for some time but just now got the envelope for them.

All my love as ever,


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