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April 7, 1945.

April 7, 1945

Southern France

Dear Mom,

Last night there was a lot of mail, I received a postal money order from you and Pop, alos Ele, thanks a lot I will put it to good ude. There were three letters with handercheifs for Christine and the kid and still an other for Christine’s mother, I am sure they will like them a great deal. I will give them to them today. In the mail there was an Easter card from Walters wife, Aunt Annie, then there were five or six from you and Ele. One of Eles arrive in sad shape but I will write her about that.

Ray got a package last nigth with some home made peanutbutter in it, I haven’t been able to leave alon-e since. Here is how they make it, after grinding the peanuts up as fine as possible they copped up some roasted peanuts and put them in it. Boy thats best yet. If I can ever get Christine’s dishes tranclated into English I will send them too. Did you ever try a little bacon in the water you cook string beans in maybe you like that. (Please note that I did not say I like it)

A few days ago your 1000th letter arrived and I do remember what I said I’d do with it. How ever you didn’t play fair and hent to work over time sending me two and three a day, thus making that day come in one third the time. I am sure I’ll be home be fore you write a thousand more even if you go a little fast.

I have to go see Walter to night and show him the letter that came with the card from his wife. She starts of, Dear, Dear, Dear, Bill. I can see him grin now. He was over last night and asked if I had received the card yet. Well,Mon, that looks like all for this time till tomorrow.

Love you always,


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