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April 29, 1953.

Dearest Har– 

Hi!! Hows everything? Hope you are O.K. & taking care of yourself– hows the rest of the family? Lollie & Boys? Hows Daves ear? What about Mother – are they all O.K.? Tell them I was asking for them!! When in the blazes are you going to write me? I’ve only had two letters since I left – (I hope your sprained wrist heals quickly). We just got home after spending the day at one of my aunts houses, had a very nice time the kids are just about all in & I’ve just put them to bed. We’re having the loveliest weather the last couple of days and getting what you had I guess, very cold & rainy, so damned miserable.

Cheryl is really talking now– you should just hear that she says I don’t know where she gets it from but I have to go someplace to laugh at times. 

We went out to my aunt in the country the other day & don’t ask what time they had – out there they have chickens - a turtle - a pond filled with eels & goldfish in the garden & a very large garden filled with flowers & fruit. They were in seventh heaven. Than before tea we went down to the beach – she lives about 250 yards from it – its actually part of Portsmouth Harbour & right across the bay is the ockyard & there were about 15 various kinds of naval ships – warships & cruisers etc in for a “coronation” fix- up & did they go crazy. Then Ailene went along the beach with my cousin looking for shells and cme back with a whacking great bag full (I’m trying to lose’em). 

They get awfully confused about the meals – Ailene always asks which one is this? Lunch or tea or supper – or breakfast? Almost everyone around has a cat including my mom – what they do to them – oh boy! 

I’m enclosing negatives dear – here they developed them to the size of the negative and its too small and when I asked to make it larger they wanted 20 cent each -20 cent– so take them to George and get them large size. They were all taken the 23rd at the playground hope you like them dear.

Well toots looks like is it for now. I’m very tired. By the way how do you like having all the bed to yourself– (miss me?) 

All our love,

Ailene, Cheryl and Sandy 


Got to make this short on account of the negatives – got to take care of my budget you know – Bye now, Love Sandy XXX 

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